Understanding Bromeliads since 1969

We only grow Bromeliads at Meewisse. But do so on a huge scale: around two million items per year, across a range of varieties (a total of 2,800 to be precise!) This scale is beneficial for our customers as we always have sufficient stock. Any volume can be quickly delivered throughout the year. Bromeliads from Meewisse Plants find their way across all parts of Europe. Nine of the ten plants cross the border. The Bromeliad is a particular favourite as a house plant in Southern Europe. Customers range from top class florists to ordinary garden centres. Erica is ideally located in terms of the most important sales markets.

Invest in even better quality

Bromeliad is not easy to grow. That is why are dedicated to this plant alone; you will only find Bromeliads in our greenhouses. All of our expertise has been built up by us. And we are still expanding our knowledge. In collaboration with specialists who focus on improving varieties, we are continuously seeking even better growth and flower characteristics. Or new colours with added value for our range. Our own research and development department tests promising new varieties at our own premises. This is a long process. The development of a new variety can take between seven and fifteen years.

Reliable and hygienic

About twenty employees work at Meewisse Plants. We are known for being a reliable company: a supplier that fulfils its agreements and which maintains strict rules on hygiene.