From Dutch vegetables to South American specialities

The origins of Meewisse go back half a century. At that point, the company was growing at two small locations in Leidschendam. We grew vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers. The first pot plants popped up in the autumn months: Poinsettias (Christmas Stars), quickly followed by the Aechmeas. We have also gained experience with other house plants. For a while, Meewisse functioned as both a vegetable and plant grower. This was not unusual at the time; gardeners only started to specialise after the eighties.

Moving to Drenthe

In order to create more room for our activities, Meewisse moved to Drenthe in 1976. There was plenty of room at Erica. Of the 10 hectares of land that were bought at that time, 8 hectares have now been put to use. The company has grown in phases; the most recent part of the company was added in 2004. With the relocation to the north of the country, we became a definitive specialist in Bromeliad, the South American house plant from the pineapple family. The range encompasses two main varieties: Guzmania and Aechmea, each grown in 12 and 15 cm pots. With our company size and sales of 2.2 million plants every year, we are one of the largest Bromeliad growers in Europe.