Quality assured at Meewisse

Meewisse Plants’ Bromeliads are known for their quality. That is no coincidence! We have dedicated half a century to the cultivation of this sunny plant. We know better than anybody what keeps a Bromeliad happy and enables it to develop into a top quality plant. You have to be a specialist to grow Bromeliads. It requires a huge amount of expertise and experience to continually adjust the level of nourishment to the size of the crop.

Organic crop protection for stronger plants

The Bromeliad is very sensitive to excess levels of sunlight. Not surprising really, when you consider that Bromeliads come from the ancient forests of South America, where they grow in the shadows of larger plants and trees. On sunny days the lighting level has to be accurately regulated via the use of screen installations. Diseases and pests will not take hold as quickly on these strong house plants. Here at Meewisse Plants, we use organic crop protection to keep our plants healthy. In an environmentally-friendly manner.

Quality in business

Quality for Meewisse also involves fulfilling agreements and working alongside our customers to find solutions. We really enjoy this side of things. We can help you, as the customer, to plan promotions or complete your range. We can also provide you with information about the right care for your plants so that each Bromeliad is purchased in the very best condition.